Come tag along on our trip through various colour ranges, malt flavours, and hoppiness levels of this amazing brew.

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VERSION#1 feb 2019

Brewer’s notes:

An Amber Ale in itself can be difficult to describe. Some would say limited hoppiness with a fairly assertive malty backbone on an easy drinking pint says all you need to know.

Nothing against that, but really if you think about it, the possibilities are endless, and we’re going to make full use of these starting right now. Everything is subjective: colour, body, how hoppy it is, how light or thick…. a playground for us…

V1 comes as a dark version, low abv, fairly dry finish, but with hops you would normally associate with dank IPAs.

The water profile and yeast strain were both borrowed from the American Pale, as a lot of the hop character comes from that neck of the woods. The grain bill uses Pale as base, with Crystal 150, Chateau Arome, Special B, and Carafa III Special to build a kaleidoscope of flavour, and a colour that could be misinterpreted for much darker beers until you throw it against the light (we do not condone people throwing beer at stuff btw), where that orange-copper hue comes to life.

Low bitterness levels from the hops, and then Cascade, Simcoe, Columbus, and Polish Tradition hops complete for an aroma that’s ever changing while in the glass.

ABV: 3.5%

Tasting Notes: This one is tricky as many people will get many different things. A somewhat dank and resiny nose (yet subtle, this is no IPA), followed by a malty mouthful with even chocolate and a touch roast/toast buried deep down. All this believe it or not, in a very fresh feel - with your eyes shut, you could mistake this for a somehow summery beer! I know right? Weird, yet wonderful!

Character: Light and fresh, low abv, yet dark colour packed with complex malt flavours and very distinctive hop aromas.

Process: Single infusion mash at 64C for 75min, followed by sparging at 75.5C and a 60 minute boil. Columbus only for bittering duties, with a touch of Simcoe and plenty Cascade in the whirlpool. Dry hopped in two stages with Columbus, Cascade, and Tradition (Poland).

Fermentation with California Ale at 18.5C to begin with, ramping up to 21.5C towards terminal gravity - dry-hopped right there for 3 days, doubling up once first lot were purged from the FV. Final Gravity clocked in at 1,004.5. Maturation at 0C for 9 days, carb’d at 2.2vols.

Available: Keg | Key-Keg | 330ml Can



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