Forward thinking brewing

We are all about handcrafted small batch brewing. All our effort is poured into producing a beer we are proud of and that you will love to drink. Actually, we are pretty partial to it too. So we do spend some time kicking back and ensuring our brews are pouring just right! There’s nothing we’d like more than to see you for a beer. So come on over and enjoy a beer in our Taproom fresh from the brewery.

Take a Tour

We’re really proud of our 10 barrel brewery. Come take a tour and we will share our passion – and a few brews along the way - as we guide you through the brewing process and how we got to where we are today. Please book in advance.

Tours run Saturday 11 - 12.30pm. £15 per person (children over 12 and under 18 welcome but won’t we be served alcohol.) We are an operational site so closed shoes must be worn.