Juicy juicyness in the shape of a beer! Super light and smooth, heavily hopped with delicate varieties, we want to brew every possible iteration of this style!



Brewer’s notes:

Alright, time for NEIPAs!

V1 comes in at 3.0% ABV so you could probably call it a Baby NEIPA. We will brew the big versions at some point, but we just thought that maybe start out with a super light, ready for summer, is the way to go.

The water profile is an attempt to provide kind of an opposite version of what brewer’s call Burtonizing, by having a very low Sulphate to Chloride ratio, which we will play around with in future versions, while on this one it comes in at 0.4. The SO4 part of it coming from Magnesium Sulphate (or is it Sulfate?, the important questions…) rather than CaSO4.

The grain bill is comprised of low colour Pale, Vienna and Wheat Malt for the hard work (only 66% of the bill), and then Acidulated Malt to bring that mash pH down a bit, a tiny amount of Carahell to get the colour just off straw, Dextrin Malt allied to flaked rye, oats, and barley on body-building duty. An allergen dreamteam!

Now when it comes to NEIPAs, we subscribe to the notion that yeah, hops need to be right there in your face. But there are very easy ways of achieving that with resinous and pungent hops in any beer. They have their place, not here though! We want tropical, citrus, and floral - at the same time, delicate examples of these characteristics…. but a lot of it! So here we have Apollo for bitterness - a tiny amount at 15 minutes to the end of boil just so it could clump up some of the break in the boil; followed by Amarillo in the whirlpool; and then dry-hopped with El Dorado, Amarillo, and Rakau in one fell swoop just prior to high krausen. Is that it? Nope, Hop Burst made from the very same batch of Amarillo used in this brew session added to secondary bringing out an incredible peachy background to all of this.

ABV: 3.0%

Tasting Notes: Orange and peach on the nose, with a very subtle grainy character and low bitterness (13 IBUs).

Character: Smooth and light, velvety mouthfeel, with a creamy head on a low ABV juice-beer like pint!

Process: Single infusion mash at 64C for 45min (trying to get our mashtun to do any other temperature is a PITA, next version will be closer to 68C for a fuller body still), followed by sparging at 75.5C and a 60 minute boil. Hop charges described above.

Fermentation with Burlington Ale at 19.5C with dry-hopping 24 hrs after pitching, and hop burst added in the secondary vessel. This yeast strain is one of mainly 3 (so far) that we want to use for NEIPAs - now the interesting thing is that it does lend itself to low flocculation (haziness), but just sods law this one actually cleared incredibly well, even with almost 30% of flaked un-malted grain and a dry-hop charge of 13 kilos!!!! You see what we have to put up with!? Anyway, V2 will make use of the most common strain for this style, London Fog, but we will also use Coastal Haze at some point and who knows what else….

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To follow.



To follow.

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