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  • Wylde Sky Taproom Unit 8A, The Grip Industrial Estate Hadstock Rd, Linton, CB21 4XN (map)

Steak & Honor - Burger awesomeness served from 6pm.

Rockaoke with The Accelerants - from 7.30pm. We play. You sing!

This is a charity event with all proceeds going to Meningitis Now via Hendstock.

How does it work?

It’s an auction so select a song from the list and bid to sing it, minimum bid is £5, highest bidder by Saturday 13th wins that song (we’ll need a week to remember how to play some of them 😉).
The band will go on and play a few first to warm up the crowd, singers should take advantage of the fine selection of beers on offer to lubricate their vocals.

Then we’ll pick singers at random to come and sing with us.

You’ll be nervous, but don’t worry this is fun.

You will be amazing.

The crowd will go wild.

Don’t worry if you forget the words or get a bit lost, it happens all the time to us, most people won’t notice because YOU ARE A ROCK STAR.

They will love you.

You finish, get off stage and go to your adoring fans wondering when you can get up and do it again.

Although it is not a competition it’s Jamie’s birthday so he’ll pick one of the singers to get up with us for ‘I’m gonna be (500 miles)’.

There will be buckets for donations on the night, bring fans, get them to donate like mad.

• I want to sing a song that’s not on the list, can you learn it please?
• Can more than one person sing a song?
Yes but you have to do it together, we don’t want to play the same song 20 times!
• Can we practise with the band?
Sadly we won’t have time to do that.
• Are the songs in their original keys?
Ah, I’m glad you asked that, most are, some aren’t (blame Jamie).
• What key are they in ?
I don’t know but we’ll find out.
• Can we have the list of songs please?
Of course, click this link.
• Great, how can I bid?
I’m glad you asked, just put it in a comment.