This is another one that’s going to deliver many different takes - but all of them focussing on the best possible ingredients found in England, allied to the unmistakeable character that rye brings to the table.



Brewer’s notes:

Our first take on a premise that limits us only by using English ingredients and that it must include rye of some sorts… i.e. plenty to deal with!

V1 starts this trip with a 6.1% dry Pale with a hue towards a light copper tone. Incredible head retention, more bitter than our other beers so far, and a hop character that moves from earthy and grassy when served really cold, but then - as it warms up a bit in the glass - some hints of a distant tropical scene that is only a reality in our own minds, given the weather we usually have to deal with around these parts (wow, such philosophical ramblings….)

The water profile was a toned down Burton affair, with sulphates coming more from Calcium Sulphate than from its Magnesium bretheren. A touch of table salt and Calcium Chloride to finish it off and all is good.

Maris Otter, malted Rye, flaked Rye, and Crystal Rye on the grain side of things - followed by Admiral, Archer, and Mystic for the hops (more on that in a bit).

ABV: 6.1%

Tasting Notes: A beautiful creamy head, with a slightly grassy and assertive bitterness that has a very short lifespan which you’ll only feel again once the gulp has gone to its intermediate destination (the belly). That distinctive spicy mouthful from the Rye, ending on a dry finish.

Character: This one won’t win any beauty contests just yet, it’s taking a long time to settle - yet, there’s absolutely no yeast on the nose nor on the mouth. Maybe it has something to do with the 15kgs of hops in the fermentation vessel, or the copious amounts of flaked rye in the mashtun. Nothing wrong with that though! A big beer that doesn’t feel big when you’re having a pint, but at 6.1% it does register up there eventually…. Incredible head and retention when poured right, I keep going on about this, but seriously, just incredible!

Process: Single infusion mash at 64C for 75min, followed by sparging at 75.5C and a 60 minute boil. Admiral for bitterness, Archer in the whirpool, and then 15kg of Mystic in 3 dry-hopping stages. The latter is a yet-to-be-released hop from our friends at Charles Faram - and if we can get a hold of it again, we will, so we can try a couple of diffedrent techniques to aid in getting that aroma to stick a bit more on the end product. There was a lot going on in that fermentation vessel, pineapple, passionfruit, and even guava - it just got toned down some once we chilled, carb’d, and packaged her. V2 seems to be telling me more crystal grain with a substantially fuller body to create that hop-toffee thing at the end…

Fermentation with a Dry English Ale yeast strain - but here the options are almost infinite. The crisp, kind of neutral character of these little dudes amongst so much else has its place right here. A workhorse of the brewing world!

Available: Keg | 330ml Can



To follow.



To follow.

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