This lightest of the Scottish ales blends a malty core with a gentle smoky finish.



Brewer’s notes:

Our fourth brew, paying homage to the great brewing tradition in Scotland.

From the range of Scottish ale styles, we thought of starting off with the baby of them all to showcase how smooth these beers can be.

The grain bill consists of pale as the base malt, followed by biscuit malt, and then roasted barley to add colour and that counterpoint to the sweetness of the rest of the bill. Add to that a pinch of peat smoked grain who works in close partnership with the Edinburgh Ale yeast to lend that almost wood-aged feel. Hey, this has just given us an idea….

The water profile mimics that of the region with Sulphate and Bicarbonate being the only minerals above 50ppm.

ABV: 3.4%

Tasting Notes: Malty, gentle, slightly sweet on the palate, smoky on the nose. The level of bitterness is just enough to balance it out, but nothing more. When we were brewing this it was quoted that the brewery smelled like a Horlicks lorry had just jackknifed and overturned on the estate!

Character: The purists will argue that using peat smoked grain is one heck of a cheat, I say we never professed to be of unshakeable morals in the first place! All joking aside though, it is very much a case of us bringing what is the most beautiful of characteristics on this beer to the centre stage, is all…

A low ABV, light body, copper to light-brown colour, perfectly balanced, and with an ever-so-subtle smokiness to it that gets gradually more accentuated as the temperature increases.

Process: Mashed at 64C for 75 minutes, pH at 5.3 then sparged at 75.5C. Brewers Gold for bittering and then Fuggles in the whirpool for aroma. Edinburgh Ale pitched at 18.6C which was the temperature throughout fermentation, apart from being warmed up 21.5C for a diacetyl rest towards the end. Cold crashed to zero, no secondary, then canned and kegged - but for this one we also filled up a few key-kegs before carbonation to condition them naturally overtime (we’ll put these on as trials at our taproom eventually as we think this one would go really well on a handpull).

Available: Keg | Naturally Conditioned Key-Keg | 330ml Can



To follow.

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To follow.

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