Different for the sake of being Distinctive

Our beers are evocative of classic styles and we plan to offer some unique brews. You’re invited to come on the journey as our styles explore different versions. These are not differences for difference sake, but for the sake of making our beer delicious and utilising the absolute best raw materials we can get a hold of at the time of brewing. We brew in small batches and we want to offer different takes within a given style. Why have one recipe of any style when you can have literally dozens! It might be a slightly different hop, yeast, grain, water profile or technique. You’ll know which version you are drinking from the Version mark (V.1 | V.2 | V.3….) – and will be able to get the full low down on the version here on our website.  Life is always moving and changing – and in our view, beer is no different. The two things that we never compromise on are quality and taste.

Our beers are Unfiltered, Unfined and Unpasteurised – for fuller flavour.



Refreshing, slightly tart and delicately spicy Farmhouse ale. A Franco-Belgian staple.



Modern and traditional collide in this bitter-sweet fusion. Our take on this pale ale from the Continent leans closer to an IPA -  crisp with strong hop character.



American hops doing all the work in this great, balanced session pale. Drink and enjoy.


scottish 60

This lightest of the Scottish ales blends a malty core with a gentle smoky finish.

Label Artwork

Our good buddy and amazing artist, designer, author, cartoonist and fellow beer drinker Clayton Junior produced our cool labels. Check out his acclaimed portfolio: www.claytonjunior.com